Facebook Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

5 Nov by Melvina

Facebook Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Facebook changes its rules of operation at a drop of the hat and most of these get implemented even before the professionals can figure out what has happened. So, things that worked last year may not work now, and worse, they may even get you shadowbanned from the service.

 So how do you keep track of the Video Marketing tips and techniques?

To help the budding video marketing professionals, we have put together some golden rules to follow on Facebook. While rules evolve all the time, the principles of good marketing don’t change.

Use them responsibly and you will get a great success in your video marketing efforts.

  1. Upload and promote videos on Facebook directly

While YouTube is the undisputed leader in video content, Facebook promotes native videos on its platform more than the ones from its rivals. Research shows video on Facebook gets 4 times the view when compared to YouTube video on its platform.

  1. Make an impact within the first 4 seconds

By default, most videos play on mute and if you don’t capture your audience’s interest within the first 4 seconds, they are lost. Reprioritise your video format to grab attention within the first six seconds.

  1. 360-degree videos are a big hit

If you can use a 360 video in your storytelling, use it. 360 videos and VR are getting a big push from Facebook. So, your material will get a lot of eyeballs.

  1. Use a call to action

There is no point in getting tonnes of views if your message gets no response. So, add a call to action in your video several times. Subscribe to channel, visit a site, like the video, whatever it is, ask your audience to do it a few times in the video. This will ensure your viewers have a clear path to the next step.

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