Which software is best for 3d printing?

28 Nov by Melvina

Which software is best for 3d printing?

3D printing has made a massive leap of development in the last few years and it is now available in consumer grade versions. This has opened a whole new avenue among entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts since creating a prototype can become cost efficient when using a 3D printer to fabricate new components. But, buying a […]
27 Nov by Melvina

How to create a website on a small budget?

Starting your website is no longer an expensive or geek ridden event. The whole process has been simplified so that even people with little or no knowledge can set up their website in a matter of minutes. In this guide, we will show you how you can set up a simple website at a small […]
5 Nov by Melvina

Facebook Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Facebook changes its rules of operation at a drop of the hat and most of these get implemented even before the professionals can figure out what has happened. So, things that worked last year may not work now, and worse, they may even get you shadowbanned from the service.  So how do you keep track […]