Making a Great Explainer Video Script: A Few Tips


In order to create an effective explainer video, you will have to understand how to create a good script. Writing explainer video scripts is not an easy task even though we are talking about a relatively short text in most cases. The script must include all the important points, be understandable and engaging. We will use this article to explain how you can achieve this goal.

A joyful explainer video

Regardless of the industry where your business belongs, it is possible to make a joyful explainer video. Keep in mind that we are not talking about humorous explainer video, but a video that can make viewers feel good at the end. When writing a script for explainer videos you have to focus on delivering a joyful experience. In many cases, people are able to achieve this goal by using animated explainer videos. This is an excellent way to make a memorable video.


Don’t create scripts that are too long

The attention span of an Internet user is extremely short. People simply don’t have enough time to watch and listen to things that they find boring. Many experts say that explainer videos should not last longer than two minutes. So, when creating a script for the video, you have to adjust the number of words to the time used for the video. Generally speaking, a 2-minute video should not come with a script longer than 200 words.


Use a CTA

According to many experts, this is one of the most important elements of your explainer video. If there is no call to action, viewers won’t be able to make the next step. This CTA should be highlighted at the end of the explainer video script. Create an effective one and keep it on the screen for a few seconds. Call us right away, Check our official website to learn more, Get in touch now – these are some examples of good CTA.


Know your audience

The main objective of the explainer video is to reach your audience. But, do you know your audience? Do you know what they expect from you and what they are looking for? Spend some time analyzing your audience and put yourself in their position. Try to figure out what they might want from you and start writing an appealing script.

Follow these steps to create an effective explainer video script.



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