A Few Great Places to Look for Free Music for Explainer Videos

Are you in a process of creating an explainer video? Congratulations. This is one of the smartest decisions you can make because explainer videos are getting extremely popular these days. But, if you want to create a successful video of this kind, you have to pay special attention to one important element – music. With the right music, you can make a more interesting, effective and memorable explainer video. Of course, you can’t use any track you find online, but there are a few sources where you can get free music for explainer videos. We will now present a few of these places.


Royalty Free Music Library

Those interested in using a website that comes with simple navigation and tons of free music can count on Royalty Free Music Library. Keep in mind that this is not a completely free website because you still have to pay to use a track. But, once you pay you can use the same track as long as you want. Take some time and explore their selection of tracks. They have music that belongs to almost every genre.


Audio Network

With a powerful name like this, one might expect to find many tracks and audio files. Audio Network is known for the sophisticated search system which allows users to find what they are looking for in a matter of minutes. By using this music you can make your explainer video much more interesting and entertaining. To make things easier, Audio Network has categorized music into catalogs that contain different production genres, emotions, music styles and artists.


Premium Beat

In the case of Premium Beat, users can look for royalty-free music created to assist video makers to create inspirational and motivational videos. Once you register, you can use the search engine of the website to find adequate tracks for your explainer videos.



This website with an interesting name acts as licensor on a micro level. It provides a wide array of free music downloads. They have music from different genres like jazz, blues, cinematic, rock, acoustic, retro and more. You will definitely need some time to find what you are looking for.


Audio Sparx

Audio Sparx is another top-class music licensing platform for both commercial and creative use. It has more than 800000 tracks from a wide range of orchestras, composers, bands, and artists. Audio Sparx features only high-quality music.



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